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Water jet cutting garnet 80

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Origin of Goods: China
Size: 80# 120#
Hardness: 7.5-8.0 Mohs
Free silica: None
Grain shape: Sharp angular
Color: Red
Packing:25kg/small bag,40bags/1mt bag
  • garnet 80 mesh
  • ZW

ZW  garnet sand is a natural sand with high hardness and high density, chemical resistance and no toxicity.

Normal sand tube diameter have 1.2 mm, 1.02 mm, 0.8 mm and 0.76 mm, in general, 80mesh is a standard,but for sand tube 1.2 mm, in some material cutting, such as can use 60 mesh for cutting marble .The 60 mesh cutting speed faster,

but 80 mesh cut surface more better.


80 Mesh:

The garnet 80 mesh is most popular and highly versatile size used for water jet cutting,it is medium to fine particle size for faster and smoother cutting,can presenting good edge finish as well as achieve the supreme speed,mainly used to cutting tiles,Kevlar, marble ,granite , stone , stainless steel , copper,steel plate , glass ,aluminum alloy, and other precious metal,etc;

Cutting effect: the more commonly used water jet cutting abrasive granularity, the cutting speed and precision of cutting surface can achieve perfect balance.

120 Mesh:

The garnet 120 mesh is fine particle size,mainly used to cutting high precision material with outstanding edge quality ,like glass ,precision metal,ceramics, laminates, composites and other brittle materials,etc;

Cutting effect: Can meet the requirements of high precision cutting surface




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