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What is the relationship between steel shot diameter and roughness during workpiece cleaning?

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The steel shot diameter is larger,  the surface roughness after cleaning is higher, but the cleaning efficiency is also high;

 the cleaning efficiency of irregularly shaped steel grit is higher than spherical steel shot, but the surface roughness is also high.

When selecting the particle size of the steel shot, on the premise of meeting the requirements of surface roughness, 

choose a larger steel shot as much as possible to improve the cleaning efficiency.

The standard for selecting steel shots is mainly to see the workpiece you want to clean. Non-ferrous metals generally use 

aluminum shots or stainless steel shots. Ordinary steel weldments, castings, steel, etc. are selected from steel shots.

Steel shot uses a shot blasting machine to complete the entire processing process, called shot blasting. Shot blasting uses

 a high-speed rotating impeller to throw out small steel shots at high speed and hit the surface of the part,so the oxide layer 

on the surface of the part can be removed. At the same time, steel shot hits the surface of the part at high speed, causing 

distortion of the lattice of the surface of the part and increasing the surface hardness. It is a method for cleaning the surface 

of the part. Shot blasting is commonly used to clean the surface of the casting or strengthen the surface of the part deal with.

The function of the steel shot is to act on the surface of the workpiece to make the surface of the workpiece reach a certain

 roughness, make the workpiece more beautiful, or change the welding tensile stress of the workpiece to compressive stress 

to increase the service life of the workpiece. Can be used in most fields of machinery production



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